While services at New Song are canceled until further notice because of the coronavirus public health emergency, we want to remind everyone of the many opportunities to worship with the larger Episcopal community of Iowa.

Sunday Morning Worship
(all are listed in central time)

10:00 am
Diocese of Iowa: The services will be available on our diocesan Facebook page and YouTube. People without access to a computer or smartphone can dial 312 626 6799 and enter the Meeting ID as prompted: Meeting ID: 365 765 527

10:15 am
National Cathedral: Services are available at https://cathedral.org/online/. Services are professionally done and are quite lovely and meaningful.

1:00 pm
Grace Cathedral, San Francisco: Choral Eucharist services are available at https://gracecathedral.org/ 

2:00 pm
St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church in Kapa’au, Hawai’i: worship service with the Rev. Diana Akiyama, a friend and colleague of Jennifer Masada. The services are warm and inviting, delivered from Diana’s home with wonderful sermons and filled with live music from Mila Polevia. Livestreamed from St. Augustine’s Facebook page.


Other Devotional Suggestions:

Pray As You Go – daily meditations

The Daily Office services with the Mission of St. Clare

The Daily Office services with the Brotherhood of St. Gregory


If you’re new to the idea of “church,” if you doubt church is for you, if you’re seeking a deeper connection to spirituality, if you’re looking for something more in life, or if you long for a sense of community, you are welcome at New Song.

We seek to be a warm, open, and diverse congregation. We believe that we’re a ministering community, rather than a community gathered around a minister. We see ourselves as God’s partners in ministry.


It’s not so much about what we believe, it’s more about what we practice. Less dogma, more learning in action.

New Songers work actively to make a positive difference in the world. We challenge and urge ourselves to be inclusive, fight oppression, erase racism, and live in truth. Through our services, educational offerings, meditation and prayer sessions, and studies of the Bible and sacred texts from other faith traditions, we are learning how to be self-aware, take action, advocate, and use our time, energies, and abilities to make a difference.

Our Holy Eucharist is held at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays. (See map below or click on directions.) Our services are rich in prayer, music, liturgy, and joyful celebration. Browse our recent sermons to get a sense for the diversity of voices and perspectives that help define New Song.

We give away a substantial percentage of our church funds every year to outreach and to organizations that serve the larger community—that’s another part of our identity as New Songers.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about us. And we hope to see you at New Song in person!

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New Song Episcopal Church is located in a residential neighborhood in Coralville, Iowa.