Upcoming Spirit School sessions

All sessions are held from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm on Sundays

February 11, 2018
The Spirit Blows Where She Will!

Led by Stephen McTier

February 18, 2018
Hymn Sing for Black History Month
Led by Avery Wills
Spirit School for Feb. 18 will be an old fashioned hymn sing. Avery has picked a variety of songs — some fast, some slow, and some fall right in the middle. A couple of the songs we already sing here at New Song. Please join us on the 18th and feel free to clap your hands, stomp your feet, and even shout ‘Amen.’ All are welcome!”

February 25, 2018
The Love Letters Program
Led by Lori Erickson
Join us in exploring the themes of love, forgiveness, and gratitude as part of a community-wide initiative sponsored by Honoring Your Wishes, a program of Iowa City Hospice that encourages advanced health care planning.

Lori Erickson will lead a discussion of times when we’ve learned about the transformative power of love, forgiveness, and gratitude. At 7 pm on Tuesday, March 6, she’ll lead a writing circle at New Song during which people are invited to share pieces they’ve written on these themes. (You don’t have to have attended the Spirit School in order to participate.)

The Love Letters program is inspired by the work of Dr. Ira Byock, who will be speaking at the Iowa City Book Festival on October 7. In his book The Four Things that Matter Most: A Book about Living, he explores questions such as: What do we want to tell the people we love? What do we appreciate about the people in our lives? How can our words help us heal?

A writing contest is being held in conjunction with the writing circles and Dr. Byock’s visit. People are invited to:
1) Write a letter to an individual who has taught you something about love, forgiveness, and gratitude.
2) Write a reflection/story about a person who taught you about these themes.
3) Describe how incorporating these themes allowed you to be able to say goodbye to a significant person in your life.

Participants may share their works in writing circles and/or enter them in a writing contest sponsored by Honoring Your Wishes. Submissions must be limited to 1000 words and received between February and July, 2018 to be considered for prizes. Writings will be judged by community leaders who include New Song’s Syndy Conger. The first prize winner will be invited to read his or her submission at Dr. Byock’s presentation. The winning entry will be printed in Little Village magazine, and second and third prize winners will be published in its online magazine. The top two winners will be invited to have lunch with Dr. Byock on Monday, Oct. 8th. The top three winners will receive a signed copy of one of Dr. Byock’s books.

Submissions can be sent to jane.dohrmann@iowacityhospice.org or Honoring Your Wishes, Iowa City Hospice, 1025 Wade Street, Iowa City, Iowa 52240. Please include your name, email address and phone number. Submissions may be shared by Honoring Your Wishes™ to promote the themes of love, forgiveness and gratitude within our community. Writings may be publicly displayed as a part of exhibits or used in media.

March 4, 2018
Spirituality in and of Nature

Led by Bob Sessions

March 25, 2018
Reflections on a visit to the Diocese of Hawaii

Led by Jennifer Masada