New Song has adopted a stretch of highway near Iowa City and does a yearly clean-up.

Our New Song community delights in gathering together and meeting new people. We genuinely enjoy being together, and we try to foster a spirit of welcome that you can feel the minute you walk in our door.

We also want to share that joy and abundance with the larger world. New Songers pitch in to get things done. We work hard and play joyfully. In times of trouble and darkness in the world, we come together to be nourished so that we can go back out to serve the community and help foster inclusion and tolerance.

New Song began as a congregation committed to celebrating, nurturing, and supporting the profound gifts of every person. We’re long on community and short on hierarchy.

If someone has an idea for a new ministry, we try to support them in making it happen. When several New Songers wanted to make a stronger commitment to environmental stewardship, for example, they created a Green Team that sponsors educational opportunities and works to make our church operations more sustainable. Another group launched our Spirit School, where we learn about God and share our personal experiences and struggles.

There’s a place for you at New Song. You can make a difference here.

We all love baptisms at New Song!