Prayers of the People

Prayers for each season of our church year

Advent — Advent is the season of the church year leading up to Christmas. In this season we wait and watch for Jesus’ birth, and we inwardly prepare for the coming of Christ as we make room in the world and in our lives.

Christmas–December 25 and the eleven days following. We celebrate Jesus’ presence with us.

Epiphany — Beginning January 6, the season of Epiphany lasts until Lent. In Epiphany we celebrate the appearance of the child Jesus to the magi when they followed the star. In this season we also remember the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. It is a meaningful time of light breaking forth, of recognizing God’s grace upon us. We recall we are not alone. We give thanks that we have been blessed with the appearance of Christ among us and that has changed our lives; and so we understand we are to show forth Christ to the world.

Lent —  a season of reflection and repentence in preparation for Easter.

Easter — Easter is a season of 50 days, rejoicing in the Resurrection.

Pentecost — This is the longest season of the Church year and the half of the year that is not based on the life of Christ.

Susanne Watson Epting has written these prayers for all in the Diocese of Iowa, and beyond.

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