RetreatFall2013New Song is committed to mutual ministry.

Ever since our founding in 1994, we’ve tried to move away from a primary focus on the ministry of ordained clergy. Our clergy are an important part of our community, but they’re not the sole providers of ministry. Instead we believe that when we emerge from the waters of baptism, we’re empowered to share in ministry. All of us have a vital role to play in bringing Christ’s love to the world.

Mutual ministry is in part a commitment to a process. We learn together, pray together, struggle together, and, with God’s help, grow ever closer to Christ’s vision for New Song and the world.

New Song is a major supporter of the Agape Cafe, which serves a free breakfast at Old Brick on Wednesdays during the academic year.

Opportunities for ministries

Each member of New Song is invited to share their gifts for specific ministries. Below is a list of ministries current members offer. Find your passion on this list and let us know what you might be interested in doing at New Song.