New Song is committed to mutual ministry.

Ever since our founding in 1994, we’ve moved away from a primary focus on the ministry of ordained clergy. Our clergy are an important part of our community, but they’re not the sole providers of ministry. Instead we believe that when we emerge from the waters of baptism, we’re empowered to share in ministry. All of us have a vital role to play in bringing Christ’s love to the world.

Mutual ministry is in part a commitment to a process. We learn together, pray together, struggle together, and, with God’s help, grow ever closer to Christ’s vision for New Song and the world.



Giving is about being grateful, responsible stewards of the gifts we receive from God. At New Song, we see stewardship as much more than simply contributing money to our church; it’s also about contributing our time and talents and volunteering for ministries and missions. It’s about reaching out to each other and to the community to build relationships from a perspective of abundance instead of scarcity.

Several of our members volunteer at the Agape Cafe, which serves a free breakfast at Old Brick on Wednesdays during the academic year.

Opportunities for ministries

We take a Spirit-filled approach to giving our time and talents to our New Song community. During the year, we thoughtfully discern and give our varied gifts to one another and to those in our wider community. Gifts are often simple but meaningful: giving a ride to someone without a car; making a meal for someone who is healing; cleaning someone’s home or cleaning the church.

On All Saints Day, we celebrate the gifts of all souls who have gone before us, and we also offer our gifts for the coming year.  To help us imagine what we might give, we have developed a list of possibilities. This Time and Talents Form is completed by each New Song member and offered during the All Saints Day ingathering. Some of the gifts may be ones you have offered for a long while. Perhaps there are others you would like to explore with the community. If you’re new to New Song, you may be surprised how many ways you can support your church.

Annual Giving

Each fall we offer our intentions for our financial gifts for the next year to share the monetary responsibilities of our church with other community members. Giving of our financial resources is one way that we say “thank you” to God for the gifts given us, one of which is this community of faith.

Giving of our financial resources has a practical use as well as a spiritual significance. Every church has fixed expenses that must be met monthly. By sharing our intentions to contribute a certain amount each month, New Song will know what it can count on to meet expenses and what sort of programs we can plan for the coming year. We ask members to complete a Statement of Intentions form each fall as part of New Song’s stewardship campaign.

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Planned Giving is an investment in New Song’s future.

Planned Giving

Planting seeds for future fruit is both an act of hope and an expression of faith. We plan in hope that the small seeds will one day produce a tree whose fruit will bless future generations. We trust in faith by entrusting those who follow us to nurture our tree, harvest the fruit properly, and use it for the best purposes. Making a planned gift to New Song is a similar undertaking. A planned gift is a seed whose promised fruit will support the church well beyond our lifetimes.

Legacy Gifts: Planned giving is often part of an overall estate plan to distribute a member’s assets and possessions to the people and causes most dear to them. Planned gifts come in several forms.

Members are encouraged to consider including New Song as a part of their estate planning. The simplest planned gift is to make a gift to the church in your will or trust. When making or updating your will or trust, you can simply say: “I give to New Song Episcopal Church in Coralville, Iowa, or its successor, the sum of $________ [or ____ percent of my Estate].”

This kind of unrestricted gift is the most useful type of legacy gift because it allows the Vestry to determine the wisest and best use of the gift at the time it is received. You may, of course, designate special purposes or projects for which the gift is to be used. If this is your preference, please consult with a Vestry member about the purpose or project you propose.

New Song Endowment Fund:  Planned gifts are often used to build an endowment fund, which is vitally important for the long-term health of the church. An endowment fund will support ministry beyond what is possible through annual operating funds. The endowment fund will support future church members as they continue to worship, learn, and serve the community and the world.

This donor-advised Fund has been established within the Community Foundation of Johnson County, which invests it along with more than $28 million of other endowment funds. The growth rate has averaged 6% over the last several years and has been as high as 12.5 %. The Foundation handles all accounting and reporting requirements for the Fund. More information about New Song’s fund at the Community Foundation of Johnson County.

This Fund is particularly attractive to donors because of the Endow Iowa Income Tax Credit of 25 %, which is available only through community foundations. Example: A Gift of $10,000 from a Donor in the 25 % income tax bracket: Endow Iowa Tax Credit of $2,500 and a Federal Income Tax Deduction of $2,500 = Net Cost to the Donor is only $5,000.

This is a permanent Fund within the Foundation. Up to 5 % of the Fund may be distributed each year, as recommended by the Vestry (or a committee appointed by the Vestry). Anything not distributed remains with the Fund to grow. Distributions may be made for ministries outside of New Song’s regularly budgeted items.

New Song Reserve, Growth & Building Fund. This Fund is invested with the Iowa Diocesan Foundation Fund, which was established in 1959 for the benefit of the Diocese of Iowa and its parishes. It offers a convenient, professionally managed investment vehicle valued at over $10 million. The Fund will be invested along with other funds by the Foundation Board, and its annual earning distributions will be re-invested in the Growth Fund. New Song will be able to withdraw funds whenever the Vestry decides to do so for a building or remodeling project. The initial $10,000 investment serves as an emergency reserve fund for New Song, and its earnings accrue for growth and building projects.

Individual contributions to the Fund may be made by writing a check to New Song and adding Growth & Building Fund on the memo line. More information about the Iowa Diocesan Foundation Fund.