New Song is committed to mutual ministry.

Ever since our founding in 1994, we’ve moved away from a primary focus on the ministry of ordained clergy. Our clergy are an important part of our community, but they’re not the sole providers of ministry. Instead we believe that when we emerge from the waters of baptism, we’re empowered to share in ministry. All of us have a vital role to play in bringing Christ’s love to the world.

Mutual ministry is in part a commitment to a process. We learn together, pray together, struggle together, and, with God’s help, grow ever closer to Christ’s vision for New Song and the world.


Opportunities for ministries

We take a Spirit-filled approach to giving our time and talents to our New Song community. During the year, we thoughtfully discern and give our varied gifts to one another and to those in our wider community. Gifts are often simple but meaningful: giving a ride to someone without a car; making a meal for someone who is healing; cleaning someone’s home or cleaning the church.

On All Saints Day, we celebrate the gifts of all souls who have gone before us, and we also offer our gifts for the coming year.  To help us imagine what we might give, we have developed a list of possibilities. A Time and Talents Form is completed by each New Song member and offered during the All Saints Day ingathering. Some of the gifts may be ones you have offered for a long while. Perhaps there are others you would like to explore with the community. If you’re new to New Song, you may be surprised how many ways you can support your church.