Where is New Song?

We’re at 912 20th Avenue in Coralville, Iowa.

What time are your services on Sunday morning?

10 a.m. But some of us arrive after the service starts. We’re pretty certain some people arrived late for the Sermon on the Mount, too.

Do I have to be an Episcopalian to worship with you?

We welcome everyone (especially those who are lost or seeking or who think that church isn’t for them). Many of us started out in other denominations, and some of us knew nothing about Christianity when we walked in the door for the first time. We like to think of ourselves as the Church of God’s Odds and Ends—a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and soon you have a community.

HolyRoverCover_FINALrev (2)Is New Song the church featured in the last chapter of Lori Erickson’s Holy Rover: Journeys In Search of Mystery, Miracles, and God?

It is! Lori is one of our deacons. And if she’s not traveling, she’s at New Song on Sunday mornings.


Who is this dog and what is he wearing?

This is Mr. McDuff, who belongs to Chuck and Elizabeth Coulter. He’s wearing a bishop’s outfit because it’s Halloween. And he’s here to testify to the fact that while New Songers love the pageantry of the Episcopal Church, we also don’t take it too seriously.