New Song’s Godly Play classroom is filled with stories from the scriptures.

Children at New Song are invited to join our Godly Play program.

In our Godly Play story-telling curriculum, we enter into parables, sacred stories, silence, and liturgy in order to explore God, ourselves, one another, and the world around us.

Godly Play was developed and classroom-tested for more than 20 years by Episcopal priest, author, and teacher Jerome Berryman. It’s based on the Montessori method of experiential learning and is best suited for children who are between 3 or 4 years old and 9 or 10 years old. The lessons, presented in story form, are designed to invite children in, to let them know that their thoughts about God and the world around them are very precious and important.

The Godly Play curriculum follows this outline:

  • Entering the space and building the Circle
  • Getting ready and entering the story
  • Wondering
  • Response time
  • Thanksgiving feast
  • Blessing and leaving the space

IMG_1100The Fall lessons include:  Creation, The Flood and the Ark, The Great Family, The Exodus, The Ten Best Ways, The Ark and the Tent, The Ark and the Temple, The Exile and Return, The Prophets, Jonah the Backward Prophet, and The Books of the Bible.

Winter lessons include:  The Weeks of Advent; The Mystery of Christmas; Epiphany; Holy Baptism; Parable of the Good Shepherd; Parable of the Good Samaritan; Parable of the Great Pearl; Parable of the Sower; Parable of the Leaven; Parable of the Mustard Seed; and Parable of Parables.

After the story, we ask these questions:

  1. I wonder what part of the story you liked best?
  2. I wonder what part of the story is most important?
  3. I wonder where you are in the story? I wonder what part of the story is about you?
  4. I wonder if there is any part of the story we could leave out and still have the story?

    On a corner of the New Song lawn, Alexander Masada Corey built this Little Free Library and bench for his Eagle Scout project.